Community Energy Preston

Open event 16th Oct

A good number of people interested to find out more and get involved
attended. Robin Jones gave a comprehensive slide show of the progress
and ambition of the project. Several current volunteers gave enthusiastic
testimonies about the importance of community energy. Lots of food
and drinks were enjoyed by all as people socialised.

Our mission!
To develop locally owned, renewable energy in the Preston and wider area
We want more renewable energy to help tackle climate change but we believe that generation should be locally owned, with the benefits and profits flowing back into Preston not to distant large companies!
We are developing a Phase 1 project of solar panels on the large roofs of three local organisations – but we are ambitious for CEP to be a viable renewable energy option for many local businesses!!!!
The details
CEP will raise capital via a community share offer to pay for solar arrays which it will install, own and maintain.
Electricity will be sold at a discounted price (15%* cheaper than from the grid) to the owners of the premises.
Investors will get an annual return of around 4%* with profits going to a separate fund to support local projects such as those improving the energy efficiency of homes or supporting households in fuel poverty.
As with all co-operative enterprises, every investor member will have one vote irrespective of the amount theyninvest.
CEP needs you, come and join us!
We are looking for more people to join us in our mission to get Preston solar powered! If you could help there are many ways to get involved:
As a volunteer. We meet one in every weeks to discuss updates and actions.
As an active board member. Bringing your interest in community energy is as important to us as any technical or business experience, we are actively looking for people to join the CEP board.
We would love to come and talk to your businesses or networks.
We need to spread the word about our fantastic offer and find businesses with suitable roof space (which can include sports centres and schools).
To enquire about the suitability of your business, please drop an email to the address below.
Contact us at:

Community Energy Preston is a Not-for-Profit community group offering solar panel installations to businesses and community organisations across Central Lancashire.

We provide roof top solar renewable energy projects that will lower electricity costs by as much as 15% as well as slashing carbon emissions.

As a community organisation our primary mission is to reduce carbon emissions through increasing the amount of local renewable energy generation and to use the profits to support projects which benefit the local community. Our community share offer will provide the opportunity for people to make a clean green investment in renewable energy in Preston.

We’re looking for properties that use over 10,000 units of electricity per year with non-northerly facing pitched roofs in good conditions to take part in the scheme.

If you want to send an ‘expression of interest’ in the scheme or want to know more, click the link below to fill in a form.
This will trigger a follow-up where we do an initial survey of your roof.

Express an interest HERE in getting solar panels

If you would like to be involved in our group to make ‘Community Energy Preston’ happen, contact We will send you details of the meetings which take place every three weeks.

Hoping to hear from you!