Preston Solar Action

Preston Solar Action is a Not-for-Profit community group offering solar panel installations to businesses and community organisations across Central Lancashire. We provide roof top solar renewable energy projects that will lower electricity costs by as much as 15% as well as slashing carbon emissions. As a community organisation our primary mission is to reduce carbon emissions through increasing the amount of local renewable energy generation and to use the profits to support projects which benefit the local community. Our community share offer will provide the opportunity for clean green investment with annual returns. We’re looking for properties that use over 10,000 units of electricity per year with non-northerly facing pitched roofs in good conditions to take part in the scheme. If you’re interested in taking part in the scheme or want to know more click the link below to take our survey.

Get involved in Preston Solar Action

Do get in touch with Gareth on to let us know you’d like to be involved to make it happen! Then we can send you an invitation to the Slack workspace where info is put and discussions take place and a link to join the next meeting.

Hoping to hear from you!