We’re fortunate at Climate Action Preston to have an amazing, dedicated, skilled and knowledgeable group. We’re all volunteers, juggling our roles with work and family life, so please be patient if your messages are not immediately answered. Please also remember to be polite and respectful when contacting any of us.

Climate Action Preston

For general inquiries, to be added to the mailing list or to attend a meeting or for a copy of the minutes from a meeting, or to get an invite to join CAP’s Slack workspace where discussions take place between meetings, please contact Rosy:

To become a member, contact Helen:

For details of our accounts, contact Malcolm:

For inquiries about our facebook, twitter or instagram accounts, contact Vicki:

Repair Cafe

For more about our Repair Cafe, including how to become a repairer, please contact Ben:

Climate Emergency Centre

To find out more or get involved contact Deb: 

Community Energy

To get involved or for information about our community energy sub group, contact Gareth:

Cycling Project – Preston Pedals

To get involved or for more information about our current cycling project and priorities, contact Julie:

Preston Children’s Clothing Library

To find out how to borrow crates of donated clothes sorted according to age, contact Hope;

Food Resilience

To get involved in climate-aware strategies for food security, contact Cathy; 

Warm Homes

To take part in action to improve insulation, reduce energy costs and increase renewable energy use, contact Kerry;

Great Big Green Week

For info about the Green Schools Exhibition